Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coy and Company

I Like You
By: Matcuhitto
Although I saw you
The day before yesterday,
And yesterday and today,
This much is true-
I want to see you tomorrow, too!

Jaci, Tessa, and Coy swingin!

Anna, Ella, Tessa and Jaci stopped by to see Coy for a bit...and Coy sure loves hanging out with his cousins, even though they're all girls :)

We also have good buddies named Cody and Shelby! They are older and teach him things..wether he's ready to learn them or not..haha. of all of his buddies is DADDY!

I've had this really weird sensation lately...of a little warm, wet TONGUE on my leg. I don't know where he (Coy we're talkin about here, not Logan) gets the urge to LICK my LEG, but it's kinda icky feeling. Maybe I should start wearing old lady smelling lotion. Or like Lindsay suggested...stop shaving?


Heather S said...

haha- thats too funny about him licking your leg!

Ashley said...

I'm glad u clarified who was licking the leg. Had me wondering about Logan for a minute HAHA! Silly little man! I agree with Linds, stop shaving see if he stops LOL