Saturday, August 15, 2009

A day in our life..

What do we do all day at home? Well, we are rarely bored, that's for sure! We usualy clean something, or do some laundry. Coy of course is TONS of help. He (which I hear is pretty typical...) grabs things ONE at a time, throws them over his shoulder and reaches for another piece, never looking back. :) SO much help...with excersizes maybe...get my squats in!

And...since little Beethoven is tall enough to reach the keys now, we have lots of music time. We seriously need lessons though...
Time to call *Mrs. Bock?
*Mrs. Bock was our piano teacher from like 1st grade till high school. We hated going to lessons, but it fun teasing her, I think that's why we went. Other then the fact that we were "forced to go"....such torture!

Nah, I think we'll wait a few years.

Of course, we're always safe too. We got Coy "big boy" carseat! :( He still fits his infant one, and can't face forward yet, but we'll be needing the little one soon, so we're getting used to this new one. And now I know why people get MINI VANS! Facing backwards, this BARELY fits in the truck! But....not ready for that yet...I'm only (almost) 22!

Then, since we love daddy sooo much, we watch for him to come home!
We forgot to mention naps, tantrums, mess, dirty diapers etc...but that's ok! :)

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Mariah said...

This is so adorable! I can't wait to see you!