Thursday, December 11, 2008


I don't know many of you mommies measure diapers in the number of wipes, but I do. Usually his messy diapers are 3-wipers. Except for today. Today would have taken all the wipes in the WORLD if I chose that route!!!!! After being totally plugged for 2 days, when the mess came, it came all at once! So...rather than risking getting his mess in the few crevises that they weren't already in (like his ears?), i had to CUT off his onsie!! I carefully peeled off his diaper, and layed him in the tub, then to just hose him down with the shower head. As was expected, this was not a very pleasant experience for EITHER of us! But...he felt much better after all that hard work!

Such a content little boy :)


Amber said...

I do!! When he was first born it took one...nowit's usually tow or three...Trae is always three. Funny.

Amber said...

can you tell I have a baby in my lap? ;0)

<3 Sierra said...

Hmmm...something only a mother could love! That's why I like other people's babies...I can give them back when they're messy! LOL