Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Holiday

Well, Coy had a very nice first Christmas! Wed night we went up to Kalispell, and he finally got to meet his cousins Trenton, Kadyn & Spencer!! We had lots of fun hanging out and playing. Grandma babysat for a few hours too while Logan and I went truck shopping. She did a very good job...but I still had to call and see how he was doing. Looks like I was the one with a little seperationg anxiety...not Coy. The kids played out in the snow lots, but not Coy. :( I bundled him up in plenty, but he didn't do to well out there. So...we came inside and attempted to make cinnamon rolls. Took a few hours, as Coy had othe plans.
Like the pictures? Hugh and Carmen took them! We brought up our studio lights, and they took pictures with their new camera. Coy turned out to be a little ham, and smiled quite a bit, so that was good! It was a nice long weekend with family!
Parenting Question:
We're getting up 3-4 times a night (mainly to nurse)!!! It's getting rather exhausting!


NanaK said...

Awesome pics, Elissa! What a beautiful family!!

Lindsay said...

ahhh, i'm guessing another growth spurt... are you nursing until he's completely full? cole used to fall asleep and i mistook it for him being finished, only to have him wake up an hour or so later... babies seem to go through cycles like that. it's exhausting, i know... but on the good side, for once, you're getting more sleep than me, and i'm not even nursing (yet)! love you, hun!

Melissa said...

Adorable pictures!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but both of my kids were at least a year before they slept thru the night. And they still get up to go potty, try to crawl into mommy and daddy's bed, etc. He may be going thru a growth spurt and need to eat more right now?

TruffleLady said...

Since all my kids pretty much slept through the night from the very 1st (sorry everyone!) I might be able to help...

A couple of questions.
1) Where is Coy sleeping?
2) How many naps is he taking in the day and what legnths?
3) Are his night waking hours pretty regular, or varied?
4) When does he go to bed for the night?

Once I know these things, I might be able to help.

Elissa & Logan said...

Hey Audrey! Wow..lucky you! :)Coy sleeps with us in bed, and takes two naps a day, for about an hour or so each time. Sometimes, he'll sleep for 2 hours, but that doesn't happen very often. He night waking times are usually all within the same hours, give or take a little bit. AND, we go to bed at 9:30 everynight. The past few nights i have given him a bath right before bed, but haven't noticed a differance yet.

Amber said...

Archer is the 1st of my 4 kids to sleep through the night...he sleeps 9 hours. I'm not doing anything different, so I can't help much. Check with your ped to see if you could give him rice cereal before bed, that may keep him full longer.

Heather T said...

Those pics are adorable!! Y'all are just too cute!;0)

Anna said...

Elissa, Elissa, I hope you are taking encouragement from all the parents out there who have been there, done that -- it is extremely normal for a baby Coy's age and size to be waking to feed as often as he is. TRY to be thankful he has such a tremendous appetite, and is a healthy growing boy! This too shall pass! :) I agree with Lindsay, make sure he is ending the feeding, not you, even if he appears to be asleep. You are doing everything right, just keep up the good work and plan on getting sleep after you're all done having babies! :) As for rice cereal, can I put my 2 cents in? I strongly recommend against it, even at 6 months of age. Rice is carbohydrates, and you are replacing breastmilk (protein + everything he needs) ... it certainly didn't help Ella sleep through the night. Sending you a hug and hope to see you soon!! ~A

TruffleLady said...

Sounds like you're doing everything I would have recommended. Sorry I can't help more. The only thing you could experiment with would be going to be later...unless he goes to bed at 9:30 because he's so tired. America's schedule isn't even as set as his sounds like! She sometimes wakes up to nurse in the early hours of the morning (4 or 5am) but I'm so used to it now I hardly wake up and quickly fall back to sleep! Boys eat lots and grow lots, so get ready! I second Anna's advice about the rice cereal or any thing other than your good milk for quite some time yet!

Paige's Parents said...

I love the pictures. If you saw our new pictures of Paige, I was hoping that you weren't offended that I went and got pictures taken of Paige at Sears of all places! I think you are the best, but it was last minute, I didn't want to bother you, and I figured your camera was busy anyway! :)
Anyway, sleeping through the night - give him a few more months...take naps with him in the day to keep up on your sleep!

the homestead girl said...

He is just so cute! We were hoping to see you when we came to visit Theron and Chelsea for New Years but had to cancel due to the roads!
Hang in there on the sleep! It does get better (sorta...). I third ( or whatever comment this is) the holding off of the cereal thing-I've read/heard that it really doesn't fill them up longer than milk and can cause gas etc.
Tyhe one great piece of advice I got and used was called the "dream feed." The idea is to "top of the tank" (so to speak) before you settle in for the night. So, for example, I would put Eli down around 9. Then around 10/10:30, before I would go to bed, I would sneak him out of his bed, nurse and nurse him. That way he was really full and slept a longer stretch until he was up again. At 3 mo. he was pretty predictable with waking too-just wanted to eat, so this seemed to buy me a little more time for the first stretch of sleep. Good luck!

Mariah said...

Love the pics!! You three are such a beautiful family!