Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flurries and Bananana Bread

(2 1/2 months)

(Aww...what a lil stud!)
Friday night we went to Mike & Lee's house (friends and co-workers) for Famous Daves (yumm) and watched the Griz play the Richmond Spiders in the championship game. They lost, but yay for the Spiders..they played well, and won their first championship game ever.
Then Saturday afternoon we ventured over to Anacaonda to see Adrian & Anna. We played games and took the girls pictures. It's much easier to take pictures of cuuuuuuute kids! :) Maybe I'll share some later :) We had fun, came home late, and slept in this morning. (Thanks Coy)
So...its really cold out again, and Im baking while Logan plays with Coy. Kevin Wilson is coming again tonight, and then some more workers tomorrow night. I hope to make cinnimon rolls tomorrow for Tuesday morning. I'm very intimidated by anything that has yeast in it, but I think I can handle cinn. rolls!! :)


Anonymous said...

Cute! Cant wait to see all the cousins in a few days!

Carmen said...

Yeast scares me too. I've had one to many flops. :)

Lindsay said...

LOVE the one of coy on his tummy... he's just SO cute!! umm, if you use bread flour instead of regular flour, your stuff will rise better- i used bread flour last time i made cinnamon rolls and they turned out really well. good luck!!

Janette said...

Coy looks totally unimpressed with those cute girls - I guess its maybe smart to play it cool - or maybe he is downright scared???? Good luck with the yeast - Coy must not be ruling the roost too badly if you can manage all that company and bake too. MOM