Monday, June 30, 2008


97 is what the thermometer said on the car today.
85 is how hot it is in the house.
10 cm is about how fat my fingers feel.
32 is how nice and cold a glass of refreshing ice water feels!


Lindsay said...

oh, sausage fingers! last year for our anniversary kelvin took off work and we went to good co. for lunch and then walked the mall- it was so hot that my fingers got SO puffy, my ring finger was turning a slight shade of purple... i couldn't get my rings off till the next day, and then they didn't go back on till after cole was born. drink LOTS of water, that'll help take the swelling down some (i've been loading up on bottled flavored water...). love you!

Ellen said...

We have the same cooling system!! The kids (and I) really love it. We spent all day in it today. Can't wait to see you!