Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I know, I know..

you're thinking that Im the worlds worst blogger. And really..I am. But..here are a few snapshots of the past week.
Logan hanging trim in the baby room :)
Our new "cooling system"
4th of July


Lindsay said...

i LOVE the color you got for the baby's room! it's beautiful... reminds me of doing cole's room, and the fact that i really miss that he has his own room back home! looks like a peaceful color for that sweet little boy of yours!

Melissa said...

Very cute baby's room...nice job to the both of ya!! And I love your new cooling system! It's okay if you're slacking on blogging now, but you can NOT slack once you have a little baby to blog about and show us lots of pictures of!!

Ellen said...

We have the exact same cooling system - it has been working wonders the last couple of weeks!

Heather T said...

Very cute! And great cooling system!:-)