Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A family photo

That's pretty close to a 'good enough' family photo, right? 

Every family has one...Logan was one, my brother Ted was one...the ones that silently goof off during family photos and you don't know it till you get the pictures back. Ours is Kase, and Coy usually has the funky attitude. They crack me up! 

I see all these perfect family photos on Pinterest and Facebook...perfectly positioned family members, outfits original and adorable, skinny moms that have had lots of kids...it's saddening what I "compare" ourselves too, then only too late realize that it's pretty unrealistic. Kids were sedated and bribed with sugar, mom spends all her time at the gym instead of with the kids, the adorable expensive clothes were bought on maxed out credit cards. Of course that's not all usually true, but in case it is, it makes me feel a little bit more real. Haha. 

We were down at the river in the first place to take Nick and Beth's pictures since the kids were home from ID. So here they are folks, our bestest friends you hear so much about. Beth, Talon, Abi and Nick. 

Now that is one good lookin real family!


Alison said...

I think your picture is perfect! I know what you mean about the Pinterest photos! We joke at our house about our "Pinterfail" moments.

The other family pictures is perfect too! Good work to you !

Elissa & Logan said...

Thanks Alison :) "Pinterfail"...that's great!!

RodneyAmanda Braaten said...

true family pictures need to show the true family :)