Sunday, November 2, 2014

Goodbye OCT, Hello NOV

I've slowly been uploading photos and saving them as a draft and I suppose it's about time to publish them :) They're a hodgepodge of pictures from the past few weeks but accurately sum up our good-bye to October and hello to November!

We went to Great Falls to help celebrate Busters 2nd birthday yesterday! It was a pirate theme, which fit perfectly with the boys Halloween costumes this year! Lichen made a super cute cake, made cloud dough to dig for treasuer in (which Bentley is showing his find!), a walk the plank, pirate goodies and a shark piniata.

Here are 6 of the Braaten grandkiddos! Man, are they all cute or what? I love that the younger ones are close in age - but don't let that make you think that the big 6 year old isn't interetsted in being friends with 3 year old Ryla! <3 adore="" her="" p="" they="">

We hit up trick-or-treating in Great Falls too just to ya know, check out the candy supply. Here are our 3 pirates and one little parrot. By this time, they had lost their headbands, eye patch and earring, but those were part of the costume too. Unfortunately, they lost their foam swords WEEKS ago. After a few days of pretend gore and fighting over them, I tossed them dramatically in the garbage. THEN, last night while cleaning for meeting, I just so happened to find out that a big kid-at-heart-daddy saved them from the garbage monster while the dramatically toy throwing mama wasn't looking. I couldn't even be mad at him (daddy), becuase he was happier then a kid on Christmas morning to have found them again. Sigh, boys will be boys, no matter their age!

Ive felt so frustrated and closed in with our office/school room/sewing room/guest room/Reids room all in one small i decided to rally to change that. My sweet husband let me mix it up a little and go shopping, and this is what I came up with!!

Since the big rolley office chair has pinched many fingers and taken up rediculious amounts of space, that went to the dump. In it's place, I put that teal topped wooden stool that I have been eyeing over a year at Logans store. The rug, chairs, and chevron throw are all from World Market. It's hard to see the whole room, these 2 pictures are still missing parts of the room, but you can see the theme anyway. We love using it for the first day for school on Friday!!

We got rid of the guest bed completely...but don't let that stop you from coming for a visit! You can either bunk with rambunkcious boys or we will figure out a bed for you ;)

The boys last soccer game was last week. They had a fun season and they both advanced from their very first practice. Bentley has gotten to be an agressive little player and Coy is a good teammate and no longer runs from the ball ;)

This little Reid, I tell ya, is such a sweet charmer! He's petite for his age and still nursing, so it hit me hard the other day when I realized that he's ALMOST 2! But for today, he's 20 1/2 months. Yes, 20.5...because that half a month is half a month and time is precious!
His little T says "Sapling", and what a sweet sapling he is!

Nick texted this picture from his blind down the road the other night. The big boys take turns sitting out there with Nick, and Kase got lucky enough to get voted in :) The other picture he sent was hilarious....the view out of the blind was about 6 big cows a few yards out looking in!

Ok, so y'all know I love coffee right? And not Folgers either....Imma coffee snob. Starbucks isn't cuttin it anymore however.....and I found the most PERFECT latte ever right in my town!! The Market On Front prepared my honey, extra foam latte better than I could have dreamed.
I know I know....I'm a mom now, these kinds of things excited me ;)

And this, friends, is Montana in late October. Stunning.
Hope you're all enjoying your colder fall days!! <3 p="">

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