Monday, October 13, 2014

We've had half the worker set here and the other half has been up the road at Nick and Beth's. Sunday night we met here for amazingly healthy nachos, Dutch Blitz and a little gospel polka! Ha! It was actually just Heidi with her accordion, and a few taught notes from Beth and I. It's really a lot of brain work (at least for a blonde mommy brain!) but oh, so fun! 

Today we spent a bit on the Bitterroot River. It's our most favorite place to go...there's a trail along the river and through the woods and shallow (during late summer) rocky waters safe enough to wade out for a little bit. 

Coy discovered massive amounts of algea!! I touched it (really! I really did! Ew!) and he chased his brothers around with it. 

When we are there...the big boys run off on their adventures but this little guy gets left behind. But that's ok, cause he's as much a fan of cuddling as I am! 

I cut his hair!!! I'm so so sad! I loved his long hair...I braided it (once it twice) and combed my fingers they it which was more therapeutic for me than him I think :) It was getting in his eyes and it was only when we were home that we could put in a "pony hair", so decided to give him a trim. A trim turned into more than that.abd pretty soon there was no going back. Now he looks about 12 :(

Here are the 4 boys. Their current ages are newly 6, coming up on 5, barely 3 and 20 months.

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