Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Awesome

If there were ever a place with year-round fall, we would need to move pronto. So because it's passing quickly, we're enjoying the weather tremendously!

Mom, remember Paddle to the Sea? We've read it more than once and I love it. Still. I read a bit to Kase in this picture while cuddling and attempting to learn to crochet. The cuddling comes more natural for me than crocheting!

Beth, baby J who she babysits, the boys and I went to the pumpkin patch the other week. There was a single stack hay bale maze for the tykes, a petting zoo, obstacle course, photo props and a pumpkin patch, of course!

Kids met kids. 

If it doesn't have a railing, a child will without a doubt launch himself off of it. Within reason, don't worry. 

For his birthday, Nick and Beth got Coy a compound bow and some arrows. His very first shot with it got just outside the bulls eye and blew my socks off! However, since then we've spent most of the time hunting arrows in the field :)

I got to join some ladies and workers from our field for a 5k race! I finished the 3.1 miles in 39 minutes. I love running and hope to get my joint pain under control enough to get more running in! I know I have a running partner in Heidi :)

We measured our pumpkins with the big block Legos after the pumpkin patch. I love that we can find teaching/learning oppertunities in our everyday play!

This boy makes me swoon. Can it be possible he's 3 already?? I missed posting it, but he turned 3 last month. Three and full of fire ;)

The big boys have really done well at soccer! Bentley made a goal and lots of good passes during the last game, and Coy has been a good teammate to the Stevi Seahawks! 

We went to the Lee Metcalf wildlife refuge this week with some little buddies. The trees, the river, the smells of fall were so beautiful and I was so grateful to be out and able to enjoy it! 

Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge
Stevensville, Mt. 
Be there or be square.

We made our weekly hit to the science museum on the day they studied and made fake animal scat this week. That was a fun one to take home. Haha!

We are working on memorizing a poem about the four seasons. We read it all, then work on illustrating and copying a new line every few days until we can recite it all! We tried to get a video Friday but it just was not in the cards :/ 

We buzzed up to Beth's last night for a cozy October bonfire! Nick made popcorn and we brought apple cider fixins. We always enjoy our time with them...we are lucky to have them so close. A mile-and-a-half kind of close!

This morning I got to go to a quiet local coffee shop....all by myself!! Imagine! :) I chatted with Auntie Mary and then ordered myself a plain latte (extra foam) and made the next few weeks schedules. When I got home, the boys were sorting Legos and I got to cleaning for our worker company for the next few days. It's now blustery and raining so it's feeling extra cozy inside. Hope y'all are having a great Sarurday! Cheers!

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