Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec 25th

Most people wouldn't believe that we had the most perfect Christmas Day without any presents to be seen or any tales of St. Nick to be heard! 

Christmas Eve was spent playing with the 5 most important boys in my life...and then cuddling with the ones who wouldn't go to sleep :)

This table spread...before the food got there. Around our table was Pablo and Olga, Clara, matias, Gma Mary, Sandy, and the 6 of us!

Farm To Market Pork ham with oranges and cranberries...'nuff said 

Matias and Kase are special buddies. Mathias looks out for kase, carries him across the yard after he fell on the ice, gets him what he needs and is his protector. He's so sensitive to the kids and I love to watch them. It was one day that Matias was cuddling Reid that Olga looked at them and just knew that she was pregnant!! Oh, by the way...this sweet family is going to be adding another baby to their fam! So sad that they will be back home In Chile when baby will be born!!

We decorated cookies with the kids and Aunt Sandy and Grandma Mary!!

Making memories, playing Memory <3

And...we closed the days making pans and pans of cinnamon rolls for our next stop of fun... Kalispell!

I hope you all had a relaxing week with lots of love in your hearts! 

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Sandy said...

Aw-lets do it again! :)