Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

So, this post here is quite the opposite of the "Wordless Wednesday" posts that appear mid-week....

This guy..sigh! Incredibly cute, growing too fast, no sleeping, irresistible dimple...that pretty much sums up this guy!  

I had a moment to myself one Saturday morning. Alone. Like completely alone...imagine that! :)

I am documenting this picture of No.2 and No.3...they appear to be friends, right?

We finally got a bit of what do the boys go out and do? Dig thru it to get to the DIRT! Good thing is was all frozen or we would have had a massive mess!

Vroom vroom! Missing the snowplow on front, Grandpa!

Coy has been asking and begging for snow since October so that he could go and make a snow angel! The boys made snow angels indoors on top of a big pile of puzzle pieces, but it wasn't the same as the real deal!

Kids are crazy about steamers, which is their number 1 request after coming in from a snowy play day. These are vanilla almond milk, honey, and cinnamon and taste just like cinnamon toast crunch! :)


A lot of kids watch popcorn pop nude. Am I right? Right? No?

Story hour is just a few miles down the road, at a decent time of 10:30 and our friend Bonnie does the activities there....but we still seem to have trouble making it there. Lets just say it's uh, challenging going there with 4 kids, projects that require parent assembly for 3 of them, clean up for 3 kids, plus either nursing or bouncing a baby whose naptime happens to be store time, keeping close tabs on him cause he gets stepped on...
But our awesome Bonnie (Coleman) often brings left over activities to the boys! Here was candy snowmen...most of the candy was eaten before a snowman could be made too intricately...but they were for sure cute. And tasty.

4 kids in a cart leaves no room for any impulse buying. Big stuff anyway.

Now 4 in a chair! :)

This past weekend we got to celebrate with Kadyn for her 11th birthday. Where have the years gone? I seriously cannot imagine having an 11 year old....

Another picture of the 4 boys dressed about to head out to Special Meeting! So handsome, huh? They did very well during meeting too...second one was more challenging obviously because...well, ya know!

3 boy had dentists appointments the other morning and did so good! Bentley took the opportunity to relax after an excellent check up while waiting for the rest to finish up. This dentist office gives out more toys than any place I've known...seriously, I feel the strong need to purge toys after they come home from the dentist...argh!

After the dentist we stopped by the Birth Center and they just happened to have some raindeer antlers that fit these little heads perfectly. And it often sounds like the living room below "up on the housetop" around here too!

We were lucky to have Jane MacCloud from New Foundland for a night. The kids were quite embarrassing, but it pleased my heart to see them "helping" her up the steps to the potluck.

So that sums up the last 2 weeks. 2 weeks have flown by, can you believe it? Here's to hoping that I post again before another 2 fly by!

If not, I hope that the next 2 weeks bring you joy! :)

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