Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Day Holidays

Has everyone had a great holiday...and now recovering? ;)
After our wonderful Christmas day, we packed up and drove the beautiful 120 miles to Kalispell. We are always welcomed with lights glowing in the night, greeting us, beckoning us inside from the cold night air that smells ever so lightly like, uh, pigs :)

Logan's wonderful parents watched the kids and gifted an early anniversary meal out to us! It was a beautiful night and a very nice and tasty restaurant called Jagz in Whitefish. After our meal of steak and pork tenderloin and pecans, we decided to go for ice cream. Yes, ice cream, in the winter. Never felt warmer though, walking hand in hand with the man I said "I do" to 7 years ago!

It was beyond beautiful at the farm...and the sledding hill took up all of one morning and part of an afternoon. Cousins ran up...glided down, time after time after time. Their amount of energy is incredible when they're sledding. Kids never complained of being tired once when going back up the now I KNOW they're lying when the boys say they're "too tired" to pick up their train tracks ;)

Here's Kadyn and Kase ready for a run down.

Boys brought their Strider bikes, and Grandma and Papa had some skis to put on them. Wonderful invention..they all had a blast on them! Even daddy took a ride down. Ha!

Kase was the luckiest sledder of down AND up every time :)

We were so lucky to get to go see Adrian and Anna TWICE that weekend! We played Tetris, Rook, and Thump while the kids all played incredibly well together. The bounce house is a magnet, and the boys like older kids to hang out with, and of course another couple boys to understand they're boy kind of games!

How adorable are these two? Their giggling made my heart smile quite large :)

We stopped for lunch on the way back home...and this guy was super pleased to get a cookie with his turkey sandwich. It's the small things!

Throwing this picture in here too...this is what our house looks like post-Costco. I love having all these good groceries, but it's a half days worth of work just to prep and put it all away! Kids love helping though, which may or not be actual helping ;)

For New Years Eve, the boys got new jammies to stay up till midnight in! We had a grand time over at Nick and Beth Ross's house, fortunately just up the hill a mile. There were lots of kiddos there who all played hard, being sure to spend every ounce of energy trying to keep themselves up till midnight. And, they did! The men all talked about guy stuff and the rest played a massive game of  Apples to Apples and Thump.

Look at this guy. Unbelievable. Too big.

Even though the kids stayed up 3 hours later...they didn't, however, SLEEP IN 3 hours later. They woke up for pancakes for the first breakfast of 2014 and opened a new gift to welcome the New Year with a smile and a toy.

We're now 3 days in, and I think 2014 will be a GREAT year! Here's to hoping happiness, good health, and peace to all of you!


Amanda Braaten said...

happy anniversary!

Elissa & Logan said...

Thanks Amanda! It's fun to remember you guys being there too!