Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Sweets

In random are the sweets on my mind today...

My sweet sun tea...brewing to full delicious-ness, with a touch of honey to make it even sweeter.

My sweet monkey...whose new thing is to escape outside with just his socks on.

My sweet new concrete porch. And stinky boots. And freshly planted flowers.

My  Our sweet new baby boy, currently 21 weeks & 5 days in the making.

My sweet Benty-Boo...who right now has a fever :( We are home from meeting, both sitting with our eyes half closed. Now I think it's time to cuddle up in a big soft bed and put these bodies to rest :)

*I am missing a picture of my GREATEST husband! But you already knew that, right? That he's the greatest.. ;)

1 comment:

Jessie K said...

Aw! Kale is ALWAYS running outside with her socks on! She has to keep up with Big Sister Deysi! Sorry about feverish kiddo! Hope he feels better soon!

PS I just read your "Our Family" page. I didn't know when your anniversary was, but guess what! Damion and I got married Jan. 8, 2005! You just missed having the same ann. date as us! :D