Thursday, May 5, 2011


Course most of you knew that already from Facebook :)

We had a little ultrasound with our midwife last Friday, and she spent at least 10 minutes trying to see gender of this little baby. First she thought girl...then possibly, but not positivly boy, so were were left guessing! Until yesterday, when we had our 20 week ultrasound with a specialist (a week early), who with great certainty, informed us it was "100% boy"!

And I can truly say that even after really hoping for a girl, I was not the least bit dissapointed! A bit surprised, but extremely happy! I have pictures from the u/s but not loaded to a computer yet.

p.s. The phone rings and it's my Grandpa again. And I know he's looking for Grandma. But for some reason whenever he tries to call home from his speed dial, it calls me instead. But that's ok Grandpa - I love hearing you every week, even if it's by accident and only for a few minutes :)


Brooklyn Michiri said...


Even though I was hoping for a girl Braaten, I am happy for a boy, because they are just so stinking cute!!!!!!:]

Love you!!

Amanda said...

congrats logan and elissa! another handsome boy! quiana and kayden is gonna be really outnumbered now :)

Sandy said...

Yipee! Another boy! So glad to hear, 'Lissa! :) Hey, I wished grandpa's phone called me sometimes! heehee! :)

Wrena said...

Yay! As bad as we are supposed to be happy with what we get, I would have really enjoyed another boy or 2. The one we have is far **FAR** easier than our girls not saying I don't love them too, and wouldn't give them back but boys are so um, well the thought just left me... fortunate and Love no that doesn't explain it either.

I do enjoy your blog!

Burchibunch said...

I haven't been blog hopping in ages. Ran across this news and wanted to say congrats on another boy!