Friday, May 20, 2011

Emperor's New Groove

Or something like that :)

We went to watch our neighbors shear their 1 llama & 2 alpacas...having help from another set of neighbors, and 2 enthralled little boys.

Here's "hairy", before the haircut. Battery died before I got an "after" photo. Bummer cause it would have sent you into uncontrollable fits of giggles! He looked SO FUNNY with no "clothes" on, so skinny, and so self-concious.

One of the little (upside down) spectators.

Once their wool was cut off, they put it on a screen to shake off any pasture paraphernalia.

We kept close to the mini-horses too. This one is Skye, because of her light blue eyes.

Coy re-named them all though....Grandpa, Grandma, the Mommy & Brudder. :)

We were offered the deal of an alpaca rug to decorate our house with. They send the wool to some place in Texas and have it made into blankets, rugs, & yarn which she knits with. Even though you may not be able to imagine it when they're prancing around all stinky and matted in the field, the wool is REALLY soft!


Jessie K said...

We gifted ourselves an alpaca rug one year for our anniversary. We love it! It's so incredibly soft!

Elissa & Logan said...

Awesome! Is the wool long? We also have a sheeps rug, but the wool is long, and especially with kids around, "things" get in it. Is yours light or dark?