Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alrighty, here I am playing catch-up again! :) Here are a little peek of the past 2 weeks at our house!

Having a slight craving for chocolate one day, and the only chocolate in the house being pudding, I settled for that, and the kids got to indulge, too! Above, Bentley is licking off the whisk used to make it, and below..well, the pictures speak for themselves ;)

These boys wait all day for their daddy to come home...often waiting by the window, or outside to see the first glimps of his car coming up the driveway. They have a bond that is so special...and so typical for daddys and their sons!

Apparently, either the time-out was too long, or this a clear explanation for the naughtyness that put him there in the first place?

Coys playing with the neighbors chickens.

Our workers, Karen Tenniswood & Marlene Benjamin stayed at our house for one last visit before traveling elsewhere for conventions. It's always a pleasure to have them, and a little fun for me too, since they entertain the boys pretty well!

Karen brought a guitar and sang songs with the boys. And gave a few lessons.

We've been thinking about going on a date Friday night, and wondering what to do with the boys.
Logan's solution : Put Bentley on the lawn tractor - he'll stay there for hours, and give Coy 2 gas cans - he'll be busy moving those from step to step for hours.
Problem solved.
Wonder where we should make a reservation?


Unknown said...

my word those boys are growing up so fast!!

:] send them to Butte-I would love to watch them!

Elissa & Logan said...

You're in Butte? that's waaaay to close to missoula to NOT see you!! If you even step foot in the county, I'll come and see you :D