Thursday, September 9, 2010

little boy stuff

Bentley just wants to let you all know,

that even though he's pretty scrawny,

he can still do


Can you do that for more then 20 seconds? Yeah, me neither :)
This is his "im gettin ready to launch someday" pose. Someday.

Today we went to play on the train at the mall with my friend, Kristie, and her son, Preston. While they were waiting for us to get there, Preston was looking all around, saying "Where's Coy? Where's my Coy?" They're so cute together, a year apart, and good buddies! :)

We went to story hour on Wednesday and the letter of the day was "A". We read books about airplanes, then afterwards, the kids "made" airplanes! (he really ate peaches and crackers while I made the airplane.) But he loved it. "zzzzzzzzzzz" is what our airplane says!
I thought about my Grandpa Pheifer and his plane. Maybe some day Coy will be able to take a ride in his airplane :) He'd LOVE that!

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Amber said...

:) Trae and Kristian are best friends too, and when we get anywhere, Kristian always says "oh my TRAE! Did you miss me?" and they hug. It's very cute ;)