Saturday, September 18, 2010

bonfire out in the sticks

It's pretty rare that i post things on the exact day that they happen, but Im set down at the table, and while it's still fresh in my it is!!

My little cowboy loves to ride his horse. First thing in the morning, he'll run out to his horse (not before he's got his hat though) and ride him. He must dream about them. And about bull riding. He plays "jump cows" first thing too. If he doesn't outgrow it, him and his cousin Trapper will have to circuit together.

Logan got a new Craftsman lawn tractor last week, and now got a trailer to go with it. For some reason, this whole assembly thing had to take place in our living room. Of all places.
I have been complaining that I "need" a new coffee table. So, what sweet, and practical husband wouldn't get his wife one?? I totally was not thinking red, and wheels though ;)

Tonight was a wonderful, perfect night! Hugh, Carmen and the kids came for a visit!! We grilled hamburgers for supper and the kids, though scattered throughout the yard, played together.
Then Trenton made us a wonderful bonfire!!

Kadyn does not like her marshmellows burnt!
 Uh-oh! But the kids decided that we could turn off all the lights and use them as torches though. What a great, inventive idea! However, certainly not in my house!!

 I think that our little blanket-stationed bug could really end up liking bonfires! He quickly bonded with Auntie Carmen, once she became keeper of the graham crackers.

* I said before that I'm sitting at the table. Alone. My lap, and other parts, momentarily all to myself.
That's because daddy's in reading bed time books to the boys. I was expecting to hear about how "dizzy mixes and rolly rolls", but I am faintly hearing about Mr.Wetherbee grumbeling about something. I like that Coy picked an Archie comic for a book. And I love that Logan didn't hesitate to read it.


Ellen said...

Oh - I wish we could be there . . . your little cowboy is so cute and yes, Trapper always comments and is so pleased that Coy is wearing his hat. The bonfire looks fun too - we (all 5) just spent 2 hours in the combine. Three of us just got home & left Josh & Trapper to finish out the night. MISS YOU!!!

Carmen said...

Still bummed that I forgot his present. Soon he will be the proud owner if it. I noticed some older kids in Coy's room curled up with that Archie. Some things just never get old. :) Thanks for everything tonight.