Monday, September 27, 2010

It being fall and all (except for this week of 80 degrees), nothing felt more right then baking an apple pie! I have tremendous help here, as you can see. It's the little cowboy who does it all, including baking! But, hold off little ladies! Even though he's cute, athletic AND domestic...he's all mommy's!
Here's the end result. Mmmmm. We had it fresh and warm Saturday evening, and have been slowly munchin on it since then. This morning, Logan texted, asking if I had apple pie for breakfast! NOW, WHO would eat such a thing for BREAKFAST??
Me, of course ;)
Just a lil piece...
Tiny piece.
With no ice cream.

No need to get your grunders in a bundle, daddy...he's just playing! Quite the imagination he's got too...heels, shopping bag, cell phone...! I said, he's all mine, girls! In case you were fighting over him... lol.

Now, here's the real boy in him! Him and daddy were workin hard to pull up posts in the yard, and settled on the tail gate for supper.

 Just call Benters "creepy crawler". "Crawler" for the obvious reason, but "creepy" because it IS creepy how he knows just what to get into that will push my buttons, and knows just what to head to after I have just picked up his last mess.


Carmen said...

They are so very cute!!! I do love the heels, bag, and cell phone. Really when little boys hang out with their mommas as much as they do do they really stand a chance of not having at least one picture like that :)

Unknown said...

love love love reading about the boys :] and growing up!
Coy is so funny how he is totally a farmer, but still loves those little girl things;] hehe
the boys are as cute as ever! sure hope i get to see you all sooon! the very latest, my wedding;]
love you, liss!

Ellen said...

MISS YOU GUYS!!! Love all of the pictures . . . the pie looks yummy . . . I think I might have had a little piece of chocolate pie for breakfast today too ;-)

Amber said...

Love the photo of them on the tailgate!