Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 score and 3 years ago

...+ 1 day....I was born! Now folks, I am 23 years old. That just seems so old, yet sooo young!

I first must say, that I have the most thoughtful husband ever...he got me an HOUR LONG MASSAGE for my birthday :) I'm going to wait till after we move to redeem it though, because I"m sure I'll really need it then! I was spoiled with cards and gifts from friends and family too :)

Logan came home from work a little early yesterday, which made me smile! We played with the boys a bit, and then went in and had supper at the Montana Club (my favorite), where I just plain ate too much! But Logan said not to worry, cause it was my birthday. I think he thought I was worried about calories (probably should be) , but it was the tummy ache that got me! I got the Fettucini Alfredo with garden fresh veggies. And they were fresh for sure...and super delicious!!

Then we went to Bonner Park where we played in the water and ate DQ.

THIS up here is the bad birthday dessert. Oreo, of course. It IS a size LARGE blizzard, thanks for noticing, but we SPLIT it :) And shared with Bentley too...who couldn't seem to get enough!
It was a great and relaxing day, and I'm thankful for yet another year full of blessings. And, there's so much to look forward to again, as I enter my 24th year of this wonderful life!
Oofda...and now I'm heading out for a walk. A LOOONG one, to burn off that carb-hi, calorie-hi, fat-hi pasta.
The blizzard? I'll leave that one was too good to burn ;)


Janette said...

And you didn't mention having to check your change order...of all the days to bother you about such things - on your birthday! I got my change order yesterday and it was oddly heavy. When I opened it up there were $80 worth of dimes instead of the paper "10s" I wanted. I should have figured it out when I got the heavy bag, but...I guess I will have to make another trip to the bank. Thanks for all the posts. Love it!

Mariah said...

Aw, what a fun day! :) I'm glad it was happy!

Neisha said...

looks like the perfect birthday!

Paige's Parents said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Love the pics; Wish we could come play at Bonner Park with you!!!!
Have another great year.

Anna said...

Elissa I'm soooo sorry I missed calling you on your birthday this year!! Sounds like it was a great day, mostly because you have such a sweet little family! 23 is quite young, my dear! Love, me

Ashley said...

What a fabulous day! Happy Belated birthday!! What a super sweet husband you have! A wife couldn't ask for more :) I love the pictures, the boys are so darling and getting so big! And to top it off with a I'm hungry! You guys do the same thing we do, splitting them. :) And daddy home early.....ahhhhh nothing beats that! Miss you guys! :)