Monday, August 2, 2010

granna & papa

This'll be a very picturesque, and unorganized post for sure :)

Mom and Dad drove in late last wed. night from wisconsin. we were sooo excited to see them when we got home from meeting. on the way home, coy was about sleeping, but perked right up (hyped right up) once he saw grandpa and grandma!!

unfortunately, mom was sick with a nasty virus nearly the whole time...we hardly got to see her :( she did gather enough strength to read a book or two to coy though, which he loved!

mom and dad came through glacier...and i stole this picture from dad's camera (actually all of them are theirs..haha). i LOVE handsome dad sitting, thinking (imagine at lake mcdonald. right now, they're on the road to see the tetons and other gorgeous parts of wyoming.

dad got up early and went to the farmers market with logan on saturday. after that, dad, the boys and i went out to triple w equipment to look at their toys. dad was sure the boys needed some new tractor toys :)

so here's the "jumping cows" part....
we went to the bull-o-rama in ronan on friday night. coy was excited to see all the "heesees" (that's supposed to be horses. he'll get that one right yet), until a bronc bucked a little too close to the fence he was hangin on to. he turned around pretty quick and jumped up in papa's lap! he was pretty content there then, not only cause grandpas keep you safe, but he also had a big bag of popcorn :)
and yeah, he was pretty amused to see the "jump cows". but a little concerned that them cowboys kept fallin off! welcome to the rodeo, little one!

thursday night we met mary and adrian& anna at "biga pizza", and afterwards went to bonner park to splash around a bit. "big dipper" ice cream has a truck conveniently parked by the park... :)

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Lindsay said...

LOVE picturesque posts! glad you guys got to do a little something with dad, anyway... poor mom :(