Wednesday, August 18, 2010

getting caught up

So here I am playing catch up again! *groan*

We went down to the river the other night...possible the last time before we move!! We waded in the chilly water and Coy found himself a little place to sit in the rocks and dug himself a hole. Very productive :)

Sigh..I can't belive his old Bentley is getting! I say "old" instead of "big", cause he's not really that

COy has started his goofy stage. Is it really a stage though? Cause I think my husband startet it when he was young...but hasn't quite grown out of it yet.....?? He'll (Coy, not Logan) will run around being really silly, then squeel, stop running, strike a funny pose and then look at me, waiting for me to laugh at him. I usually do laugh!
We went to the Missoula Stampede at the fair last week with Gramma Mary and our friend Colleen. The only "heese" picture I got was of a Charlie Russell rider. Coy was just awe-struck the whole time, watching intently while chewing on his fingers (a molar thing). The bareback event was super exciting, most cowboys getting a good ride. The bull riding? Not so much...with only a 1 in 4 ride. But the BEST part of the night was watching a handsome cowboy do a bellyflop off a bronc, landing face first into the huge lake that unfortunately filled the middle of the arena. Hilarious, and absolutely priceless!!

So now, Coy will, about 20 times a day, randomly talk about the "jump cows" and "jump heeses".
Grandma reminded us of the song "Mama's, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys". So far, I think our little cowboy is just a hobby cowboy. But he did however, climb on top of me while laying in bed, yelling "jump, cow!!!" and pretend to fall off.....

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Sandy said...

Oh life just doesn't get any cuter than how you tell us about it! Thanks so much 'Liss! :)