Saturday, August 7, 2010

YesterMidnight Musings

  • I wonder how many of my wild blogger friends are going to attend the Testicle Festival? Oh c'mon, I know some of you hang with the rowdy crowd on the weekends! ;)

  • Im getting a glass of water in the kitchen at midnight after I put Bentley back to sleep. I step on something...something that shouldn't be there. I immedeatly think it's the mouse that's been pooping on the piano (and other places). Come to find out, it's just a pea from lunch. Then im HORRIBLY disgusted with myself for thinking of that stupid mouse, and run back to bed in fear of actually seeing him (or them) for real.

  • In 2nd grade I was in a gifted group (believe it or not) where Mr. Hedkey (called him mr. keyhead behind his back) took a few of us smarter ones and gave us 6th grade tests to challenge us. One of the questions I remember: "Mary weighs 100 lbs. How much will she weigh if she lifts one leg up off the scale?" It's obvious that she'll weight the same. Sadly, Caitlan Ernst was the only one out of 6 of us who got that right. So, I'm wondering which appendage I can cut off to make me weight less. An arm??, I need that for cooking, nursing, carrying babies, etc. My ears??? They wont take much off, but I think I can do without em....

  • Im bursting with exciting news!! I'll wait to share it though :)


Heather S said...

hmmm, not sure i really wanna know much more about that festival :)

I was just on FB, so I think i know the exciting news your talking about.. yeah!!! :)

Lindsay said...

spill! :)