Thursday, March 11, 2010

Papa Coy

Papa Coy here, multitasking like mama!
His baby is a lot more relaxed then the one that I carry.

Gosh, I wish I had abs like B!

I tell you, these boys are the sweetest. My other boy is missing from the picture, he's sweet too! Bentley was actually sitting there first, then Coy joined him eager to sit by and hug his little bro.
I have to brag...we have the sweetest, smartest toddler. We've been asking him to pick up his toys lately, and he does it, really well. After picking the toys up, we asked him to pick up the pan in the living room (he plays with my pans all the time, cooking crayons or whatever he feels like) not expecting him to actually do it. But, he trotted over to the pan, picked it up, trotted back to the kitchen, opened up the cupbord door and put it in. He shut the door then turned to face us like "Anything else I can put away?". It was soo cute, and he listenes to well. Like Logan says, how many 17 month olds listen that good to their parents? :)


Lindsay said...

sweet!! can't wait to see you guys... love you all! :)

Sandy said...

Yes, good practice for 10 years from now! Thanks for sharing!

Paige's Parents said...

You DO have two of the sweetest little boys. I just love them. That is so cute about Coy picking things up and listening so well. You know that sweet and cute nature is inherited from his mommy and daddy though! How could L&E have anything BUT a couple of super cute and super sweet toddlers/babies...
Love you guys.