Friday, November 27, 2009

When we got home from the birth center on Friday, Sarah made a special sign, just for Bentley :)

Adrian, Anna and the girls came for a visit Saturday, and here are all the second cousins! That fun number of 5 will turn to 6 in a few weeks, when Ella, Tessa and Jaci get a new baby too!

"ock, ock, ock" goes the big brother rocking the wee one :)

Oh, this is just the beginning..... LOL

Doesn't this just make you smile? He's been doing really really good with a new baby in the house! Every once in a while he'll get mad that I'm nursing Bentley and kind of screeches, but with Daddy home, he's usually always got a bud. Who knows what we'll do on Monday when he goes back to work....but we'll get through it! I guess he'll have to run to Auntie Sarah then! And he also screeches at Bent sometimes when he's crying, trying to say "shut up" i guess??
Well, all for now. Im usually a few days behind, so within the next few days I'll get Thanksgiving day pictures and details posted!
Hope everyone's been having a nice holiday! And you're SOOO crazy if you got up early for shopping today!! But I must say, I hear there are GREAT deals out there! We got our great deals at Old Navy...and at a safer time...say like 4 pm :)


Carmen said...

Thanks for everything on Thursday. So glad we got to meet Bentley. What a cutie. Also glad for time with Coy. He is a good big brother.

Anna said...

Yayy!!! I keep checking your blog to see what's new, and love to hear it all! :) I just had the realization yesterday that Eric Gabhart's middle name is Bentley-- did you know that when picking out a name??! Some day I'd like to hear about how you chose "Armour", and hope we see you all again soon!!