Thursday, December 3, 2009

A week ago today was a wonderful day...Thanksgiving day! (hmm..seems longer then a week ago..haha) Mom and Dad B came bearing turkey, chicken, mashed potatos, dinner rolls, the works, and Hugh and Carmen came with awesome salads and all their cute kids. Kenny and Lichen came with amazing pumpkin pie! But besides all the good food that made it a good day too...was the fact that we have amazing family, which is super high on the list of things that we have to be so thankful for. Bentley, although he slept the whole time, got to meet his grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins! And Coy had so much fun with them too! After dinner, the kids got to go down to the school and play on the playground there, since the weather was wonderful too! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! I feel we are so blessed, and for that, we are thankful for too!

Kadyn's a great entertainer! :)

Dinner...and two little boys chompin away :)

Lichen and Bentley relaxing! Not too hard to do that with a cuddly baby! Meanwhile, Spencer and Coy doing "boy" things in the next room.
A room full of special family, and a set of special Grandparents!


Carmen said...

Thanks again for everything. Spencer looks really mad that you are taking his picture while he is trying to eat :0. We had a good time.

Elissa & Logan said...

haha...let a guy do his business in peace, huh? we had a really good time too :)