Monday, November 16, 2009


Once again, Im WAY past due on a blog post...but I'll summarize the best I can what we've been doing (besides waiting for a baby) these past few weeks!
Ellen, Trapper and Quiana made a trip to Montana, and we got to have them stay at our house for a night! Then for the weekend, they headed over to Hugh and Carmens, where we all met for a day of lots of fun and cousins!

Years ago, this was the go-cart that belonged to Logan, Kenny and Rodney.'s Trapper, Spencer and Coy who have laid claims to it! OH yes, we can't wait till they're all a bit older, driving and fixing this thing... :)
And what farming buddies Trapper and Coy are...Trapper gets the farm all in order, and Coy pretends to know what he's doing, but mostly mixes up what Trapper just fixed. Oh, and he's a grandpas boy too...he's sure got good grandpas!
And here we are...LAST week, at 38 weeks pregnant. Yes, it's a nice little seat for Coy. He will be mighty dissapointed when mommy's BIG tummy is gone though..he also likes to "gick gick gick" (tickle, tickle, tickle) my belly button the is now nearly an outie. :)


Carmen said...

Almost there. Thanks again for coming over. It was fun. Oh and can I please have a copy of that picture of Kadyn. That is totally her messy hair and everything :)

Paige's Parents said...

Oh that's just the cutest posting ever! It reminds me of my little brother and Logee :) and Kenny when they were little.
Little farm boys with chubby cheeks and very intense and focused on what they are doing.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Paige's Parents said...

One more funny thing about the boys and their toys and the boys and the go-cart; Looks like these boys will have to compete with their sisters for go-cart time...I can tell you that the original 'little boys' did not even have to worry about their sisters! haha!

Sylvia & Homero said...

How cute! I love Coy's hat in the pic with the go-cart and your family pic is sooo adorable too! So excited for you guys!! :) Hope everything goes well for ya!