Thursday, November 5, 2009

long time coming...

We got a new freezer, and what better thing to do with the box than make a fort? There's also a sign that says "Boyz Only". Hmmmm. That's ok though, cause this mommy is too big to fit in there anyway!

We found a cute zebra costume for Coy. We're not much for halloweeners..but it's cute!

Or maybe he shoulda been a witch. His strange fascination with the broom usually only leads to frusteration...he can't figure out how to "unstraddle" it.

Mom and dad moved Auntie Sarah out this past weekend!!! It was a short visit from mom and dad, but was special to see them again. We sure wish we lived closer! We miss them so much!

Oh, and this is just Coy eating cucumber.

Grandpa, Coy, and Daddy :)

Aunt Mary got a brick dedicated to Uncle Aaron at the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, so we had to go and see if just after they laid it.

Coy and Grandpa gettin some excersize...hehe.

We wanted to take Coy trick or treating to some elderly friends of ours...but we didn't get very far before our little zebra fell asleep. Makes a mighty fine pillow I'd say... :)

I just like this picture ;)

Sunday morning shaving time! Coy was sooo eager to help Daddy shave. He even shaved his own hair there of course, but tickled a little :)

I might just hire him to carry another diaper bag soon... :)


Heather S said...

sounds like a special wk end!

Lindsay said...

hahahaaaa! LOVE the cucumber in his mouth- great stuff! elissa, he has got to be THE cutest toddler i know... miss you all so much!
love you <3

Paige's Parents said...

I love your blog Elisa...and I really really love little Coy. He is soooooooooo cute!

Anna said...

I like the pic of you & Logan too!!! :) Life can't be much better than bein' young & in love! ~A