Tuesday, November 24, 2009

On Nov the 19th...

On Nov the 19th, we began the LONG day, but amazing journey to meet our second, precious son, Bentley Armour. I woke up early Thursday morning at about 7 with contractions, lost my mucus plug and had bloody show. I ran to wake up Sarah with the exciting news, then jump in the shower because I knew it was going to be a long hard day ahead of us. Throughout the morning I did a little laundry, packed my bag and took a walk. Logan came home from work around 2, we went for another walk, during which my contractions timed 5 minutes apart. We called our midwife and told her we were on our way in!! :) Once at the birth center, I was just about 4 cm dilated, so we took yet another walk. When we got back, we got more settled in, and my rushes were beginning to require more attention. Coy was having a hard time at home with Auntie Sarah and no mommy and daddy (pretty sure he knew something funny was goin on..) so she brought him in, where they played and he visited me in the tub (where I labored most). Coy was happier then...he even got down in my face while I was having a hard contration...almost comforting me....so I thought, until he mimicked the noise I had just made. haha! Once it got late, him and Sarah headed downstairs to an extra bedroom for a little sleep.
Most people say that their second labor is somewhat easier and faster...but NOT OURS! It was shorter time from very start to finish, but definately harder and at least 5 more hours of hard, active back labor. But once again like with Coy, I only pushed for a few minutes. Just when I thought the night would never end, the clock struck 1 (am that is) and I spent my very last ounce of energy on delivering a perfect 9 lb 15 oz little human being that we immedeatly knew would complete our family! Auntie Sarah and big brother Coy met Bentley when he was just seconds old, and were as in love with him as mommy and daddy were.

The LAST maternity picture! This is at the birth center, at about 6 pm.
(Im counting on all our readers being mature mommies themselves, but if this picture is offensive I will take it off) Bentley was water birthed, just like I had imagined him being born. I felt most comfortable here, and had no tearing at all.
And just let me say, that I have an AMAZING husband! He was there for me thru each and EVERY rush, comforting, offering great encouragement, and massaging my back and hips. We never called in our doula...Logan was all I needed!
Bentley got a fractured shoulder, which he favored for a little bit, but healed quickly being wrapped up in a blanket.

Here is Bentleys welcome crew!

Auntie Sarah is sooooo awesome! Thank you so much for helping us with Coy, and being supportive and helpful throughout the day!

Starting on the left, is Linsey (RN, birth center manager) Jeanne (our wonderful midwife) and us. This was about 1on Friday afternoon as we were just leaving. Our experience at the birth center was so nice and we felt safe and so comfortable. Bentley was the second baby born there...so we got beat by a week. And yes, Coy's sock IS missing...he and Logan ran down to the grocery store quick, during which he somehow lost his sock... :)

And here's our new little scrunched up sweet pea!
Im on antibiotics for a breast infection, and recovering from a high fever, so im sorry for this post not being done FRIDAY, like I wanted to do! :) I have lots more pictures and fun stuff to post, so hopefully I will get to them tomorrow!


Lindsay said...

thanks for sharing sasa!! LOVE the photo of you three in the tub... wish i'd been able to birth in the tub, bummer. second births aren't always shorter and faster... labors with cole and madi were pretty similar. man, wish we could see you, logan, coy and sweet little bentley! give the boys (the little ones) a kiss from me... love you!

Heather S said...

thanks for sharing his story and pics. (my 1st was the longest labor. The rest each got shorter, but the shorter they got, the harder I had to work. But it was worth every second of labor.) Congrats again to your new family. Hope you are on the mend!

Jeff & Aleigh said...

thanks for sharing with us all!!! He's a sweetheart!!! :)

Allegra Montana said...
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Allegra Montana said...

Beautiful birth story...thanks for sharing. You might try belladonna (a homeopathic) for breast infections if you wish to avoid antibiotics while breastfeeding.

The Papendorfs said...

congratulations and thanks for sharing the pics and story! he is beautiful :)

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing!! That picture of just-born baby is so precious; I wish we had more of those, and hopefully will this time around!

Nachtigal said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!!! What a special family you guys have. Can't wait to meet the little guy. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving

tjp said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your awesome birth story and all the pictures. Bentley is adorable (cute name, too).
Take care and enjoy your sweet newborn (and Coy, of course)! : )
Luke, Tammia, Kenna & Jarris