Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Happenings!

Here are some of Coy's first steps!! He made about 3 steps with Daddy while I was making supper, and after Dads excitedment, I had to join them...attempting to get a video. And lucky for us, we did! :)

I had an appt with our midwife on Monday. At 29 weeks, Im measuring 32 weeks, which is what I did with Coy. I only gained 3 lbs, which is good because it feels like I've gained about 10! I have had horrible back/butt pain, so Jeanne suggested PT. We might look into that, since my hips were near an inch off in height.

There was more exciting news at our appt....Jeanne is opening another Birth Center!!!!! That's very good news of us, as our plan was to birth with her at home here. But now that we have the option, we will probably go to the "new" birth center! It's a house on the south side of town, which they plan to be into by the first of October! Our new baby boy may just be the first to be born there, which is neat becuase Tessa (Ade and Anna's) was the very 2nd baby to be born at the first Birth Center here in town! :) Since the Birth Center closed in Jan due to Dr's death, Jeanne had opened her own practice, but only doing home births. And as of Monday, she has birthed 11 boys and 10 healthy girls at homes since about Feb! We really trust her, and are glad that we have her as our midwife!


Heather S said...

Wow! Look at Coy go!! (good news on the birth center too!)

Ashley said...

GO Coy! That's so exciting. I remember Ally's first steps like it was yesterday. You will never forget these times.

That's awesome about the new life center. That will be really neat, and nice to have so close.

Keisha said...

GO COY!!! Very exciting!

Mariah said...

Wow! Awesome!!

Hey.. maybe you could try chiropractic? I've heard of some pregnant ladies finding help through that.

Ellen said...

He's such a big boy - and so cute & happy!!! We can't wait to see you guys again.

Alison said...

Good job little Coy! First steps are always so exciting.