Sunday, September 6, 2009

An afternoon at the river takes a lot of worries away...:)

Ted and Stephanie Heyes came out to Montana!! They took a little road trip, stopping in Glacier, then making their way to our house for a few days! Coy liked Steph, but took a long time to warm up to Ted...we think it was the facial hair! ha! They explored, hiked, and went horseback riding, and then Friday night we all went to the rodeo at the Ravalli county fair.

Here are Ted and Steph. There's a nicer picture...but I think this one shows Teds personality better. bahah. And Coy, getting sniffed by a goat.

Aaannd just some more pictures from the fair. Coy was in his glory there...making tractor noises, cow noises and his newest....PIG SNORTS! He's discovered how to immitate our pig snorts with his mouth, and is amazing at it. He's so smart!
Mmmm, and NAUGHTY! He's getting into nearly everything (and loves every minute of it)! And to think that I said that about him 2 months ago...! Oh i know,...just wait another year, right? Oh man!

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