Monday, September 21, 2009


I LOVE fall...and then anything pumpkin. So, heres my pumpkin bread..but ya think it mighta fit better in TWO bread pans rather then one? That's what I thought, but Better Homes and Garden didn't think so. It had been baking for an hour and a half at this point, and still batter in the middle...hmmmm.

My son, IN the toybox. May be a sign he's getting bored with his baby toys.

And my 31 week pregnant self is saying:

sure it's not twins?

gasp MY BACK groan

my shirt wont stay covering my belly at night...thus waking up to a very cold stomach...every morning

there any food out there that DOESN'T cause heartburn?

poor coy. no more really close cuddles :(

flutter flutter kick...giggle :)



Ben, Heather and kids said...

ahh.. the joys of being 31 wks pregnant! :)

Heather T said...

you look adorable!:0)

Amber said...

You need a big kid sleeper to keep the belly cozy :D

Justin and Susie said...

Aww liss you look beautiful!

Carmen said...

You look cute. We are anxiously awaiting the new baby. Kadyn is just sure that you are going to need her expertise in the babysitting department. HeeHee