Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Toofers

Despite getting teeth, here is a happy boy!

Soccor balls really make good pillows...:)
Last night Mom and Dad B were down, bringing the Farm to Market Pork trailer, stocked up for the first farmers market tomorrow! Eep....there go our Saturdays till October! :) I don't think that I will be spending as much time down there as I could the past few years....for some reason! Hmmm. :) Who knows though, Coy might love it in the trailer and seeing all the people!
They also took us out for supper to Cafe Dolce...which is good, but unique. We had some kind of pizza with........oh, i have NO idea what was on it....but it tasted a little better then it looked anyway. We finished with several flavored scoops of Gelati...mmm. It's always fun to see them, only if it's for a few hours! :)

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