Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Coy now has a thing for taking off his socks while in his carseat. Guess HIS aren't the only ones he's taking off...

Playing on the sun! It's a hand-me-down play slide set from some friends. He's not in for the slides yet, but is always in for some peeking!

"Picking" flowers for Mommy...he actually tried to eat it. Ick!

We LOVE teething biscuits. Well..BEFORE the mess anyway..

Mmm, we LOVE morning cuddles :)

So, at 12 weeks pregnant, and I "showing" yet? Of course I am! I was "showing" even before I GOT pregnant! With Coy, I was all excited, taking pictures of my "belly" all the time, but I'm pretty sure we won't be doing that this time round. Coy marked my body (not complaining though), and it still "shows". There....i AM showing :)


Lindsay said...

what a cutie... he'll get lots of use out of that slide next summer! :) i think you should still take belly pics... use a tank or soft sheet if you don't want your "battle scars" to show. or there's always editing them out... and i'm still showing too, hahaha!! love you- happy mother's day!!

Elissa & Logan said...

well it's not the marks, its the flab!! eek! but yes, we might take more once i've "popped", and flab isn't so much noticable! i hope cole and maddi's awesome mother has an awesome Mothers Day! Love ya!

Heather S said...

It took awhile to 'pop' with my 1st pregnancies. The others...just finding out, made me show :)

Hope you had a great mothers day!

The Papendorfs said...

ah yes, those teething biscuits are a big hit but oh so messy!