Monday, May 18, 2009

graduation, sunday stroll, and wiggle worm

Yesterday evening we took a picnic in the park, and walked on the trail by the river. It was hot actually, but refreshing to watch the kayakers in Brennan's Wave. Coy of course enjoyed himself, and got lots of peoples attention and coo's.

Logans graduation on Saturday was good! Long and hot, but he now has a masters in business administration! Coy did really good considering going 6 hours without a nap in the hot, packed gym. We are so proud of daddy!

Mom and Dad B came, and helped out with market in the morning while I ironed the gown, and Logan got dressed up. After the ceremony, we came home and grilled pork kabobs and enjoyed a nice dinner with Joan, Lyle, & Dorlene Cross. And yes, I made a cake. And no, it was not pretty. It was however, pretty yummy :)

Today we had an appt with Jeanne (midwife), and got to see our little baby!! S/he was SUCH a wiggle worm! S/he was dancing away, flipping away just like a little dolphin. Also, we got a few waves, which we think that was actually a high-five to big brother Coy ;) At 13 weeks, our baby is starting to grow very fine hair on the upper lip and eyebrows!


The Papendorfs said...

Congrats to Logan and glad to hear the baby is growing well! Always fun to see and feel the little one inside :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Logan! Miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

congrats logan!! whew, huh? :) LOVE the photo of coy in daddy's graduation cap, too cute!

The Parsons Family said...

Congratulations Logan and what an accomplishment. Also a feeling of relief I am sure. Always enjoy your pictures. Coy is growing so fast and, of course, cute as can be!!

Ellen said...

Congrats! My little brother is so "big" now! We miss you all and love you more!

candy said...

Great accomplishment, Logan! congrats.