Monday, March 9, 2009

Since an imagination and thinking abilities require being rested, which I have none of, all my posts have been rather boring. Little writing, just pictures. But, who doesn't like pictures, huh?

Wait...I take that back. It seems that I have been able to have the slightest spark in imagination, but only when Coy babbles. Sometimes I hear things that are "Oh, that was so sweet and cute", and other things I hear are "Oh my goodness, I cant' believe he SAID that! naughty!" Its fun decifering what he's saying, even though he has no clue he's saying ANYthing that mommy can hear!


Lindsay said...

oh, i love the food face!! what is that- carrots?? you guys, he's just too cute! i know you're frustrated right now, but it will get better, i promise. hang in there- call whenever you need to! love you guys... :)

Ellen said...

He's SO cute!!

Carmen said...

Is he not sleeping again? Hang in there. He's a cutie.