Friday, March 27, 2009


Baby for Rent!
Min. of 2 hours, max of 4.
Name a Price!
Certain terms and restrictions apply.
totally how i feel today after no sleep last night.
yes we do love our baby, but would also love a little breather


Jeff & Aleigh said...

I wish I lived closer!! I'd totally help you out!!! *hus*

TruffleLady said...

Are you still off dairy and other stuff?


Elissa & Logan said... might get yourself into something you couldn't get out of then :) Thanks!

Audrey- i have been off dairy for over a month now. i slipped and had 2 chocolate covered apricots and a strawberry two weeks ago at a wedding, and then a brownie last night. a local naturopath said that whatever allergies he has are ones that I have.??do you find truth to that? i don't have any reactions to any foods that i know of. i dont know what to do next! i understand that it's normal for babies to get up at night, but we have been getting up 3-6 times a night for 6 months. (with only a few lucky nights in there)

Lindsay said...

i'll take him for free! oooh, i found a cute little sump'n for him today...sorry you had a bad night. maybe tonight will be better... i'll cross my fingers for you!

Anonymous said...

A very strict and structured sleep and eating routine worked wonders for both our kids... I would swear by it. Let me know if you want more details.

Elissa & Logan said...

oh details PLEASE sarah!!!!

Anonymous said...

I used/use "The Contented Little Baby" book series.. by British author Gina Ford. I can lend you them if you like :-) or here is an amazon link:

Basicaly the theory is this: An extreem number of sleep problems that are usually blamed on diet, colic etc, can be solved by a structured sleep/feeding routine. It was so true for me... I thought Kristian had colic, and I went off dairy prducts for a while, but it did not help, and made my life miserable. This book was recommended to me by seveal different mothers, and when Kristian was about 4 months old, I got the book and started following the routines to every detail, and kristian was sleeping through the night within 2 days!!! I say, if you are at you whitts end, it is worth trying anything that will work. Sleep is SO important for babies and for mommy's (for this one anyways!) I say, if you get a full night sleep, you feel like you can conquer the world! The book is very detailed with easy to follow routines that change with your babys age. So, you can start any time!

I never looked back once I started Kristian on it, and there was NO question of not putting Erin on it when she came along, and it worked like a dream with her too! We stated using these routines early on, and it has been such a blessing for us. Because of the fondation of this routine, our kids go to bed at 8 and sleep for 12 hours every night. Stephen and I have quality time in the evening and that is what we needed as a couple. Happy parents make happy contented happy children! It works for us... maybe it can work for you!

Mariah said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer to you! I'd love to help you out and give you a little wife/self time... :)