Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Need Triangle

Being mommies and honey's, we are needed so much. Baby needs fed, changes, held, bathed, attention, rocked, fed again, changed again. Honey needs love, dinner, stress relief, homework editing, clean jeans, then dinner again plus lunch for tomorrow.

But has anyone asked us lately what WE need?

A warm quiet bath, dinner out, a maid, girls vacay, an hour at the gym, just to be alone for ONCE, ..maybe a massage

Those would sure be nice...but I need my baby and honey the most. I love feeling needed.

Case closed. :)


Ashley said...

I agree Lis!! Miss you guys! Coy is getting so big! Give him hugs for us!

Melissa said...

Moms don't have needs...or at least, they don't matter! Makes you understand your own mom a little better, eh?!!

Amber said...

I say it's all about finding a balance:-)

Ellen said...

What a great way to look at it . . . I love being needed to ;-) Thanks for the reminder.