Thursday, July 24, 2008

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1.We have the baby room ready for the baby. The diaper bag is packed, and all I do is look at and play with all the stuff, even though I've seen it all a million times... and get more and more anxious!
2.I have such a wonderful family...both Krishers and the Braatens.
3.I actually sometimes find relief in doing laundry. (but then let the last load sit in the dryer for about 2 whole days)
4.My toes look like little pigs in a blanket today.
5.One of the earliest memories I have is when our family (a long time ago) went out to the woods and had a picnic on a big flat rock up by the birch grove.
6.Our little guy usually has his foot up in my ribs (or something) and it bugs me. But then sometimes I wish it WAS there, just for a little reassurance when I can't feel him.
7. Logan says that I should be spending time with my loving husband, rather than doing this. hehe.

I tag...
Is 5 enough?


Amber said...

could you imagine if someone came up to your chubby toes and started to play "this little piggy" Everything chubby is so cute on baby, but not so cute for us. Hopefully their chubby toes aren't as painful as ours...

Lindsay said...

hey- i got tagged several times, but don't really have the time to do much beyond my normal post. plus, all the tags are getting really long. yikes! yeah, it was really funny to watch cole with the oreo- you should have seen the top of it, the cookie part was all soggy and shiny! amazingly, he slept ALL night. maybe we should let him have an oreo every night before bed!

Sylvia & Homero said...

Awww your number 6 is so sweet about wanting some reassurance that you can feel him. I cannot wait for our little ones to be on their way. So fun to read about your journey to the birth! And I went ahead and put up 7 facts on our blog as well. :) Have a wonderful day!

Ellen said...

You should be proud of me - I actually did it!