Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I've felt so anxious, crowded and claustrophobic these past few days, I'm losing my peace....and my mind! Aside from the literal wall of things from the kids room that are occupying my space while we paint, I've felt so trapped by myself and things that hold NO meaning what-so-ever.  So Im sitting here tonight eating bananas and peanut butter and drinking maternal tea, feeling like I need to "let go and let God". 

I have, however, enjoyed this week with my favorite boys. 

Heidi was with Bonnie for a morning this week and they popped over for a bit. It was a scattered morning here, and it was refreshing when Heidi sat down to read Beatrix Potter to the boys. :)

On Veterans Day, the little boys made a flag with Beth, and Coy and I made one later too. Here we are saying 'Thank You' to Papa and all the souls who did, are, and will fight for our beautiful country. 

A new favorite book is "Diary of a Worm", so Coy and Bent are making their own diaries...of a bull and an alligator ;)

Nothing stops whining and fighting faster then a pack n play tipped on it's side and a pile of blankets. They wanted to hunt this day, so I cut out a deer head for them. This lasted for hours :) Win!

These two...so cute, right? Except they love to just antagonize each other till they're screaming and have everyone else screaming too! Gaaaah!!

Now Beth is helping me paint the boys room!! She's a serious pro at it and oddly loves to paint, so I'm glad she's closeby! This blue room is not only annoying me, is also seriously banged up! We've got fun plans for this room!!

Here's after a few hours, and we have more to paint tomorrow. I'm excited!

The boys are camping out in the living room but it's quiet now, so I suspect they've all fallen asleep...including Daddy! <3 My turn now. 

Night all! Sweet dreams and wake refreshed! 

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