Thursday, July 17, 2014

Those July Days

It's been so hot and smoky here that even though I know fall is a LONG way off, it feels like it's just around the corner.

I'm not a morning person at all but have been trying. When I can get a few moments of quiet time for my soul in before the noise wakes up, I am able to have more patience for a bit longer. Bentley and Kase were early birds too this day and joined me outside to bask in the morning air.

Beth, Bonnie,  Shelby and our boys had a picnic at the splash park last week on one of those hot hot days. Shelby is such a great help and friend to the boys...which I love too because when she's with them this ma can actually sit down long enough to have a conversation with my friends! It's been a few years since I could sit and do that :)

It's no secret, our kids are terrified of dogs. I am too. But we love Zeke and Maggie who live with Nick and Beth. Reid even shared his cantaloupe with Zeke.

I often wish that I could give our boys more adventure, but time and money are restricting. Then I see them running around playing like boys do, and see that in itself, to be what you are, is adventure enough! Kase plays here in the big tires at the park where we met some new friends for snack. At first, he ducked down to nearly sitting on the ground and scooted through. Each pass he would raise up a little higher until he was comfortable enough to know he wouldn't hit his head, like he watched his little friend do. Even though they're rough boys, it's sweet knowing they're still a bit cautious and thinkers :)

I put all (yes ALL) of the Legos away now, because this boy didn't care if he ever saw the beautiful sun as long as he had his Legos. So, just like how addicting gadgets can be for kids, I decided it was time to have a lesson in moderation with Legos. Once they were put away, he wanted to spend more time outside too. (Which was the purpose!) We took a walk/ride up to Nick and Beth's, which is 3 miles round trip. Not once did they complain even after a huge hill or two!

This hot weather has exploded my buttercup squash! We also have summer squash growing, zucchini blossoms, bean blossoms, and thick rows of beets. Summer has felt so fulfilling!

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