Friday, July 11, 2014

About Reid - 17 months

Since I was gone from blogland, I missed posting all about Reid and his firsts! Now, I can try to be the mom that remembers all the firsts and the dates they happened...but I'm not. So I may fib by a month or so, but here's what this handsome prince has been up to;

* Little whippersnapper at less than 20 lbs at 17.5 months
* Started getting up on all 4s and rocking since 4.5 months, but didn't actually crawl till 10
* Was a late teether, getting his first at almost 11 months
* Now has a bunch. And they make him look really old, especially when he's wrinkling up his nose, giggling and showing off them pearly whites. He has only a few molars and eye teeth left to come in.
* Was not really into food either. Still isn't. However, he's been known to eat little Lego people heads. And they always come out face up. Creepy. And gross.
* Walked at 13 months. Ran shortly thereafter. But he also rides a lot in my Hava sling.
* Still loves to nurse, and I love nursing him! He's going on the longest kiddo to nurse, just ahead of Bentley who weaned at 17 months.
* Seriously has taken his roll of "baby of the family" too lightly, and is now acting not-so-much like the baby.
* Favorite pairs of shoes are little blue Toms and Minnetonka moccasins.
* He doesn't say too many words yet. He does say mama, da, stop (first word, along with the thrown out hand that comes saying 'stop'), no, hot, tickle tickle and a few others. He signs more, please, drink, and just did thank you for the first time yesterday.
* Wears a little pair of Wranglers like a {cowboy} boss.

He's full of life and has such a pleasant disposition! Granted there are days all he does is want to nurse and be held, he is always a beam of light in our days! He's always interested in what big brothers are doing and joins in and "goes with {that} flow", but still has a shrill way of holding his own.

He's not being a fan of this pool yet, but his pout is adorable. He will squish his whole face up and squint his eyes like his daddy. Anytime he can escape thru an open door, he will.

This is one of his most favorite places, and I'm sure it's one of daddy's too! Since around13 months, Reid has been sleeping in his own bed, but is still known to find his way to ours and snuggle in between us. I don't mind as long as I get to sleep most of the night...I often feel a little heart broken that they're become little men SO fast! If I can keep him in our bed and keep an eye on him...he can't grow up then right? Like a watched pot never boils...? I'll just need someone to confirm that, please!?

Oh, and a favorite food is strawberries. When in Escanaba MI, we picked up some for a snack at the beach and little Berry Pants ate nearly this whole carton.

If there's a glass of water anywhere he can see....he WILL get it and take a drink, and then SPILL it. Most people just breath without thinking, but this guy will spill things just like that. He will also stuff his entire supper into a very small drinking glass.

Now, when I was pregnant with Reid and didn't know gender yet, a lot of people thought I would be hoping for a girl. We didn't care, obviously. I loooove having little boys because they're just plain fun, make you thankful for your husband and realize how awesome his mama raised him, keep you surprised at what can go in the wash machine and not get destroyed, keep you thankful for your soft bed at bedtime, and are sweet on their mama. HOWEVER, one thing that I could live without, is the hands down the pants. All. The. Time. And look who has started it. Joy.

Sometimes I squeeze him, put my lips on his soft cheeks and smell his (fleeting) innocent baby smell and my heart quadruples in size immediately. When he looks at me and grins while nursing, I can't believe that God gave him to US. He's the perfect addition to his family, and his brothers are as lucky to have him as he is them.

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