Monday, November 8, 2010

Take THIS, Math!

FOUR - number of times I got up with the boys last night
FOUR - time that Coy was up, and ready to go (somehow got him back to sleep after like an hour though)
ZERO - timeouts. WOW!
FIVE AND A HALF - minutes my shower lasted
TWO - pieces of chocolate it took to make me feel good
FORTY - minutes desired on treadmill
ZERO - actual minutes
ONE - new cow book, to satisfy a young mind
THREE - days till Logan gets home from a business trip

UNCALCULATED - # of deep breaths...

TWO - how many dimples it takes to make me smile
ONE + THREE - one "coys sowee mama", and three wet kissed makes me glad im a mommy :)


Carmen said...

Four-days until we see you guys :). Oh and Grandma and Grandpa can take over. HEEHEE

Elissa & Logan said...

ahhh...i cant wait :)

Anna said...