Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here is our little Bentley Armour,
just a seemingly-really-short
365 days ago...

And here he is today,
365 days old.

He is now jabbering, when it seems he was just yesterday grunting in his sleep.
He's crawling, when it seems he was just sleeping in my arms.
He's eating "big" food, when it seems he was just nursing 8 times a day.
We cheered at some first steps today, when it seems like just yesterday we were laying still by his side...waiting for him to smile during a toot. And we quietly cheered him on then too :)

And below, is the daddy, mommy and brother then looooove this little 1 year old sooo much!
Big brother was saying "appy boo-tee babie" all day long. And I mean
He even shouted it out loud during a tantrum!




Lindsay said...

happy birthday, sweet "blentey"!
we sure love you tons <3

(ps... i laughed out loud at the thought of coy wishing his little brother a happy birthday even during a tantrum- TOO funny!! coy, we love you too, little man!)

Anna said...

I've never seen a one year old SWEETER than him! :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, little dude! I can't believe you're one whole year old already!

Mariah said...

AWWWW! Such an adorable family pic! You all look so great! :)