Tuesday, October 19, 2010


"A-choo...A-choo" is what the 2 year old says these days! He's fighting a cold, but giving in to some good old Thomas the tank play time! Daddy got the boys a train table, complete with trains, railways, tunnels & signs off Craigslist. To be honest, once the boys went to bed, I spent nearly an hour playing putting together a track set. There's many many more peices, but we'll save those for a rainy day,...in like 2 years :)

These two little stinkers are the best ever!

Bentley's smile just warms up my heart! (and bones) He'll smile his dimply smile, which makes me smile. Which makes him smile bigger.
Which makes me laugh.
Which makes him squeel!


Heather S said...

oh!! i have a lil 3 year old who would LOVE to have that table!

Burchibunch said...

Your boys are adorable! I have a 4 year old girl who would LOVE that table. For her birthday she asked to go to toys R us to play with that table on display. So, we stayed and played for a half hour!

Unknown said...

haha-those boys:] so stinking adorable:D Can't wait to see you, which hopefully will be extra soon;] love you!

Anna said...

And I can tell ya, you're not biased at all-- those are some cute cuties you have there!! I have loved Bentley's dimples since the day he was born; I'm sure he won't appreciate knowing that when he's 16! :) And YAY for craigslist!