Friday, October 8, 2010

a..b..c.. come play with me!

The boys have been so good at playing lately :)
Of course not so good at picking them up though! Ha!
Logan had the "great" idea of loading Bentley in the awesome dumptruck Coy got from Uncle Kenny & Auntie Lichen. Coy caught on pretty quick, and drove B. around the living room until he dumped unloaded him out.

Gramma and Papa Braaten got the boys a little table and chairs for their birthdays. GREAT addition to the play room! Its got crayon and pen  art on it already, but it was bound to happen sometime! It's the most popular place for Coy's trains, and Bentley intently watches him play.

We're going out for a much needed dinner out tonight. Not a date-date, but a family-date. Nice to not cook OR clean for a night :)
It's an Italian places called "Romeo's". Getting some greens instead of something carb-y tonight...I've only lost 4 lbs in 7 months, and that's with actually trying, so it's time to get down to business. argh.

Have a good weekend guys! If the weather's nice, get your bum outside!! It won't last long! :)


Carmen said...

Looks like fun riding in the dump truck. I love the table I have eyed it many times in Costco. Hope you had a great dinner.

The Papendorfs said...

your little boys are getting so big! so darn cute too :)