Thursday, May 6, 2010

may.6.10. an entry of what we do

It's been a while since I've posted..I've just been feeling plain lazy lately I guess :)

No, no, not lazy...more like t.i.r.e.d.

  • Here's daddy and a 5.5 month old Benters....eating cereal!!! Weve given it to him twice before, the first time not really caring about it, and then the second time he screamed that whole night waited a little bit...and now he's trying some more! He does good with it..looking like a little birdie with mouth wide open and neck stretched out, flapping his little arms and legs :)

  • Bentley sat by himself for a bit too!! Exciting for us, especially since we've been waiting and waiting for this!! Coy was sitting by himself at 4 months, and by b's age now, eating fruits and veggies. I'm really seeing now how every baby is different, and how they all grow at different rates. No, B is not slow...just not as fast at C was. (Coy will be just waiting to hear that someday...haha.)

  • Sleep????? Can I say "N/A"? With Coy, and now Bentley...they slept perfect for the first few months, then started getting up a LOT at night. I can probably blame it on them learning new activities and being restless, or teething too. I hate to do it, but sometimes I just give him the "jug" so that he sucks himself back to sleep. Now I understand when people say they need coffee to make it thru the day ;)

  • Gosh, can I just say that I think he's the cutest thing alive? His dimples are to die for!

Heres Coy and Auntie Sarah. Shes at our house till the end of the week, then makes her trek back to Wisconsin so that she can get settled back in and get ready for school in the fall. We will miss her terribly..we've loved and appreciated having her here for a bit! The boys especially love her.. ;)

We've been taking niiiiice loooong walks! Dissapointing that it's been cold and occasionally snowing here though! :( Where is summer, huh?

This treat of chocolate covered strawberries goes magically with a good game of Rummy with the sis!

Now here's a little update on the older of the two little misters:

  • Coy is just growing so fast and soaking up everything like a sponge! He copies a lot of words that we say, and is saying a lot on his own. I love how he says "babe" instead of baby and declares things that are mine by a huge "mom"!

  • Trucks and tractors are still by far the favorite toy...he'll spend a good chunk of his day trying to hook a little trailer up to the little pickup, then crying "uh oh" when it comes unhitched (which is quite often i might add..).

  • I've created a new hang out place for him! He's got a step stool pulled up to the window, and puts everything from book, tractors, and snacks up there. He watches the neighbors walk dogs and waits for daddy to come home.

  • Our little 19 month old has been telling us when he goes "boop"!!!!!! He points to his diaper and declares "boop"...however not hinting that he wants to be changed. Once he even said it, I checked and there was nothing...but then about 2 minutes later I smelt a dirty diaper! Nice to have a little warning :D


Ben, Heather and kids said...

your boys are so adorable! those dimples, those eyes, their smiles!! sigh.

Elissa & Logan said...

thanks heather! have to say the same about yours though...;)