Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Love Gerbers!

This morning we walked down to Clinton Farms and picked up some Gerbers and Sunlinis :) They rode shotgun with Benters while Coy trotted alongside us.

This slide has been a great nergy burner!! He loves it!

This right here, is a cowboy breakfast!

I mashed up some bananas in Bentleys rice cereal today, and it did NOT go down! There were shivers, sour faces, gags, and spits! He was happy when i finally gave up! :)

"Aunt" Sandy and Gramma Mary watched the boys for a bit while I had an appt last week. They took them to Dragon Hallow, where Coy was on the big boy swing! He hung on tight and squeeled with delight :)


Neisha said...

they are so cute :)

Anna said...

two thumbs up!! Love keepin' up with you guys. We will probably be over for part of Memorial day weekend. Will y'all be around?